The Maryland Apprenticeship Training Fund Law and you

Did you know all Maryland state-funded prevailing wage projects exceeding $100,000 are affected by this law and 25 cents per hour must be paid for ALL workers on the project not just the apprentices?

How Does This Law Affect You?

For all projects advertised for bids or proposals after July 1, 2013, each contractor performing a state prevailing wage contract valued at more than $100,000 must pay 25 cents per hour for every covered worker on the project into the Maryland state fund or into an eligible state-approved apprenticeship program, including ABC’s. The monies paid for this purpose can then be credited (or deducted) from the fringe benefit portion of the prevailing wage determination on the project, if there is one.

What are the Penalties for Violations?

Contractors or subcontractors that do not pay the required fees are liable for fines at twice the amount of unpaid apprenticeship training contributions. Civil penalties of up to $1,000 for each employee and each falsified record can be levied for any person, firm or corporation that willfully falsified or omitted information in connection with prevailing wage records. In addition, the Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) may file suit to require the contractor or subcontractor to pay the amount required including interest, reasonable counsel fees and court costs.

How Do You Comply and Select the Right Recipient?

When contractors are awarded a state-funded project, they will be required to register electronically with the DLLR. Once registered under the Certified Payroll Process, contractors will be asked to which apprenticeship program they want to pay the required 25 cents per hour.

Select ABC Craft Training Trust as your contribution recipient. ABC will ensure funds received will be dedicated to providing quality training programs for the betterment of the merit construction industry.

How Will the Money be Used?

By selecting ABC Craft Training Trust as your recipient, we will use the funds to make critical improvements to our apprenticeship programs, including, but not limited to:
– Enhancements to hands-on training laboratories, e.g., equipment, tools, materials and supplies
– Support and training for instructional staff
– Expansion of staff to include more trade specialists

How To Comply:

Look for the Associated Builders and Contractors Craft Training Trust option on the drop-down menu on the State’s certified payroll webpage (see pages 4-5), even if you are not currently training through any ABC chapter to ensure your contribution goes to a good cause and the betterment of the industry.

Make checks payable to: ABC Craft Training Trust and send a copy of the certified payroll that corresponds with the check to: 

ABC Training Fund
2101 E. Biddle Street
Suite 5000
Baltimore, MD 21213